Drools Rottweiler Puppy Premium Dog Food, 4 kg


  • DHA for smarter and stronger puppy
  • Specific nutrients support good cardiac function
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Muscles, joint and cartilage support
  • Drools Rottweiler puppy formula is specially made for providing balanced protein diet to the Rottweiler puppy. Rottweiler breed dogs are prone to cardiac sensitivity. The drools Rottweiler puppy formula is a complete and balanced diet made with specific nutrients to help support healthy cardiac function. It contains the perfect blend of calcium and phosphorus that provides strength to the bones and joints during developing stage. Its high energy content covers the nutritional requirement of Rottweiler without overloading his stomach. Kibbles are designed to make it easier for the Rottweiler to pick up and encourage him to chew


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