Nootie Nunbell Diaper, 400 g (18 Pieces, Extra Small)


  • Product colour may vary
  • For females in season, incontinence and excitable urination
  • Leak proof protection for incontinence, females in heat and travel
  • Gather edges and adjustable tabs for a secure fit
  • With tabs on bottom, slip the hole of the diaper over your pet’s tail
  • Position the garment between the back legs and snug against the underside of your pet
  • Bring the tabs up towards your pet’s back and position for a secure fit
  • Do not allow your pet to chew or tear the diaper
  • Weight -2 to 4 kg
  • Waist -10-13 inches 22-40 cm
  • Best Suited for Puppies and Toy Breeds


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