Royal Canin Beagle Adult, 3 kg

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  • Beagle adult is designed exclusively for pure breed Beagles over 12 months old
  • The beagle is a breed that tends to eat quickly without chewing its food
  • The cross-shaped kibble in the beagle formula helps to slow down the rate of ingestion and encourage chewing
  • Ideal weight : Beagles are cheerful dogs, bred originally for tracking hares by scent. They are eventempered, intelligent and determined. All these qualities make the Beagle an excellent companion. They are also known for being voracious eaters, therefore having a tendency to put on weight. This formula helps maintain the adult Beagle’s Ideal weight with an appropriate calorie content. Foor intake control. The Exclusive kibble shape helps slow down the rate of food intake by encouraging chewing. This formula also contains a blend of fibers. B1 and joint support beagles are little athletes with stamina and energy to spare. His sturdy and compact body combined with his natural tendency to put on weight are among the factors which can put stress on his joints. The Beagle Adult formula helps support healthy b1s and joints and helps maintain ideal weight. Enriched with EPA and DHA.


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