Sava Vet Fiprofort Plus Spot-On Solution 20 To 40 Kg Dogs 2.68 Ml


  • Suitable For Large Sized Breeds Weighing 20-40 Kgs.
  • Cures And Prevents Fleas, Ticks And Biting Lice Infestations.
  • The Drug Can Also Be Used For The Treatment Of Flea Allergy Dermatitis.
  • Sava vet Fiprofort Plus Spot-On Solution Works To Relieve Your Pet Dog From The Disturbing And Risky Dependent Such As Fleas, Ticks And Lice. Its Quick Action Eliminates The Parasitical Creature Effectively. Savavet Also Successfully Prevents Different Parasites For A Considerable Amount Of Time. It Can Kill Fleas At All Stages Of Life And Also Treats And Prevents Flea Allergy Dermatitis. The Solution Comes In An Easy To Squeeze Pipette And Encourages Accurate Application. Pet Owners Should Never Ignore Their Pet’S Excessive Scratching. Possibilities Are That They Have Fleas Or Ticks Or Any Kind Of Skin Infection. These Skin Anomalies Can Not Only Be Troublesome For Your Pet But Can Also Cause Some Serious Problem In Family Members. Fiprofort Plus Spot On 2.68 Ml Is Designed To Combat The Parasitic Issue In Large Dogs Weighing Between 20-40 Kgs. These Parasites Can Be Checked In Ears ,Neck And Beneath The Body.


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